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Nick Olsen is the author of Sunshine for the Soul, Inspirations from the Universe, Sunshine for My Soul Journal (co-author), and many other highly regarded poetry books.

Through meditation, I was able to elevate my spiritual connec­tion to the Universe. On one sunny Saturday morning, I set my intention asking the Universe for more encouragement, love and understanding in our daily lives. The Universe heard my declara­tion and gifted me with the ability to write the words infused in my mind which took form and became a reality. The next day Sunday, I began writing inspirational, encouraging and spiritual poetry. It transformed my life as I was experiencing extreme challenges in my life. I realized that my challenges were not unique but shared as we are of the same DNA.

This collection of poetry carries my intention to promote personal growth while elevating spiritual growth. It is my hope you’ll read these poems with earnest reflection and consider how they apply to your past and present life.

Thank you for spending these moments with me.

Oliver P Olsen Author Photo.jpeg

Hi everyone!

I like to draw the things I see.

The things I like let me be me.

My family shares their love each day,

And I share mine in every way.

Please tell a story to someone new,

And let them know the real you.

My art and writing will make you smile,

So sit with me a little while.

Oliver P. Olsen is the co-author of 
Sunshine for My Soul Journal. 

Nick and Oliver in Aruba picture.jpeg

Nick and his son, Oliver, enjoy writing poetry and spending time with family on the beach.

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